When ordering a framed piece, please leave a note at checkout with the desired frame colour and paper type (if applicable). 
All prints are handmade by our printing partner, Fitzgerald Photo.       
       Their wide variety of skills means they can produce almost anything, just ask.
If you know what you want, send a message to and we will do our best to make it happen.
For a complete list of prices please see our complete pricing list.
All custom options below can be added to the website for your purchase.
Customers often request prints to be signed by the artist.
If you would like your print signed, tell us in the ‘special instructions’ field at checkout.
Frame Colour
If you're ordering a framed piece, you have the following options:
Classic frame – White, black, mocha and natural.
Deep set frame -  White, black, chocolate and natural.
Canvas profile frame – White, black, chocolate and natural.
Glass Type
All our framed pieces come with Plexiglass, and can be shipped Australia Wide.
Plexiglass looks the same as standard glass, but is nearly impossible to break. 
Standard Glass
Standard glass can be used, but we can only ship within Western Australia due to its fragile nature over long distances.
Clarity UV70 Glass
UV70 (TRU VUE Ultra Vue) is our premium glass that looks best with our prints. It virtually eliminates reflections, and filters up to 70% of harmful UV rays.
It provides crystal clear light transmission, and brightens colours and contrast levels.
Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning.
UV70 glass is risky to ship, so we only offer shipping within Western Australia.
Non-reflective Glass
Non-reflective glass is etched on one side to diffuse reflection, creating a matte finish.
It’s popular in spaces which incur a lot of reflective light.
It’s important to note non-reflective glass does not reflect UV rays, therefore doesn’t protect the print from fading.
We still believe the UV70 option provides a more premium look, but the non-reflective option is an affordable alternative to UV70.
Non-reflective acrylic is also available (useful for east coast customers, as we only ship glass within Western Australia).
Custom Dimensions
Images can be cropped to any dimension you desire. Send the product code (GP____) and desired dimensions to, and we will send a range of cropping options.
We also offer common A sizes:
A2 - 59.4cm x 42cm - $250.00 (rolled) 
A1 - 84.1cm x 59.4cm - $510.00 (rolled)
A0 - 118.9cm x 84.1cm - $970.00 (rolled)