A crystal clear metallic print sits behind a 6mm deep acrylic slab, and is backed with a sheet of aluminium. The Acrylic Facemount allows light to refract, causing a 3D effect and the colours to pop.

Acrylic Facemount pieces are often recommended to people with more modern interiors.

For Homes

Acrylic Facemount Artwork by Ginger Imagery

Acrylic Facemount

to uplift your office.

These artworks come with a U-channel at the back, and give the appearance of floating when hung. They can be easily installed and uninstalled with a hook in the wall.

The edges will be beveled (unless otherwise specified). The dimensions of the Acrylic facemount will be the same as the print size.

Acrylic artworks can only be shipped within Australia, unless otherwise arranged. Email us at if you have international shipping requests.

For Office

Acrylic Standoff Office Artwork by Ginger Imagery

Acrylic Standoff

Visibly secure.

Acrylic pieces can also come with acrylic standoff. The artwork will be created with an Acrylic Facemount at the front, and with screws in the corners that are fixed to the wall.

The Acrylic Standoff option is great for high traffic locations to deter theft and knocks.

floating Acrylic Facemount Office Artwork by Ginger Imagery

Floating Acrylic

Secretly secure.

Acrylic Facemount at the front, and physically secured to the wall at the back. They look almost identical to acrylic that's hung, but more secure.

This is another great artwork choice in high traffic locations to deter theft and knocks.

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