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Ginger Imagery takes it’s viewers on an emotive experience through self awareness and allows them to untangle their preconceived notions. With a background in psychology, founder Imogen Blow was fascinated with addressing the viewer’s initial thoughts when viewing artwork.

The artworks are often first thought to be abstract paintings, containing nothing tangible. Slowly the viewer is absorbed into the artwork, and begins to untangle their preconceived ideas of art.

They begin to realise the artworks are real moments, captured with a camera. The ability to capture a unique moment, unobstructed by interpretation, is unique to photography.

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This experience aims to bring consciousness to two thoughts. Firstly, your initial thoughts are often cognitive shortcuts, known as heuristics. They are created by your brain to increase efficiency, but are not always beneficial. Making snap judgements, without taking the time to unpack and understand can be detrimental to society. Ginger Imagery aims to encourage the viewer to ‘catch’ their preconceptions, and thus have a more open mind to the world.

Imogen was inspired to design the artworks to have an emotive response, rather than just a beautiful capture. Imogen’s memory has historically been unreliable, so has adapted by capturing moments to evoke an emotional response, triggering the recollection of her memories. The more thought provoking the image, the stronger the memory.

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Memories of the Australian outback have the potential to be incredibly vivid, as they trigger all senses. The smell of the damp earth after a long awaited rain. The taste of the crisp, salty ocean breeze. The feel of the warming sun sinking to your core. The sound of silence, real silence. A strong passion for the Australian outback is what sustains the passion of Ginger Imagery. Imogen wants to share the unseen parts of the outback, drawing exploration to the places seldom visited.

Our Team

Imogen Blow Ginger Imagery

Imogen Blow

Founder and CEO

Creating Ginger Imagery, quite literally from the ground up, changed my perspective on the world. I have a deeper admiration for the beautiful world surrounding us, and have a mission to share this same appreciation with the world. By building a purpose-driven team, I believe we can start making some change to people's mental wellbeing, as well as the earth's longevity.

India Stone

Administration Coordinator

Ginger Imagery has truely opened my eyes to the beauty that WA has to showcase. Encouraging people to see WA from a new perspective and being able to appreciate it at home or in the office space is so fulfilling, as our planet deserves more appreciation. I love being a part of a purpose-driven team who are all focused on the same mission is really empowering!

Tiara Scott

Copy Writing

My time with Ginger Imagery has awakened me to the undiscovered treasures of the Outback longing to be admired. Quickly, I became enlightened by nature’s healing energy and timelessness to evoke mindfulness. I find myself immersing in the process when sharing this feeling with the world, deepening both mine and others roots of admiration. I am grateful to be a part of an inspired team working to spread awareness and appreciation for the simple gifts nature has to offer us everyday.


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