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Ginger Imagery creates unique Australian drone prints. Finding a hybrid between fine art and photography, Ginger Imagery is the pioneer of this new wave of Australian drone prints. Aerial photos can be hard to capture, but Ginger Imagery strives to capture the best drone photos, and consistently portrays new perspectives on the raw untamed beauty of Australia.

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Send us your favourite print and a photo of your space, and we'll photoshop them together so you can see how the artwork will look.

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We use drone photography to bring the beauty of Outback Australia to the city.

Drone Services

Your drone print will be printed on stretched canvas. Artworks are framed in an elegant surround. These frames come in a variety of colours. There is also the option to have your print unframed in plain canvas.

Our drone artworks are printed on thick cotton rag, that highlight the rich colours of the Australian outback. See our metallic paper for an artistic touch on high contrast artworks. Our drone prints come shipped in a tube and can be framed by you.

For more traditional homes, you can frame your fine art paper print. Our drone photos will be staged behind a pane of glass. Frame colours include white, black, mocha, and natural.

The acrylic mount allows light to refract, causing a 3D effect and the colours to pop. Consider getting your drone photograph printed in acrylic if you have a modern home.

Struggling to find a gift? Our Gift Cards are the perfect gift for those hard-to-choose-for loved ones. Let them choose the drone artwork they resonate most with.

Discover the unseen.

Showcasing the rawness of Outback Australia through drone photography.

Gift Cards

Ginger Imagery gift cards are a great way to gift someone authentic, handmade Australian artwork, without the pressure of choosing.

Give the gift of choice and choose from a large range of values.

With no expiry date, these are the perfect gift.

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